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We help brands and businesses to engage with their customers more
effectively through a blend of marketing insights, creativity and technology

Evoimage is a marketing business with a strong digital emphasis on customer acquisition. It was originally founded in 1996 by Chris Wilson with the emergence of digital media. Since the late nineties Evoimage has been involved in digital production with the use of CD based marketing content. With the advent of the internet and social media Evoimage has adapted to provide relevant marketing campaigns for its customers.

Marketing has evolved most recently with the integration of Social Media as it has allowed a feedback loop into modern communications which has allowed businesses to quickly react to customer’s needs. Equally businesses have now had to adapt by becoming content providers and engaging their customers as experts in their chosen fields of expertise.

Evoimage works with its customers to provide integrated digital marketing campaigns which adapt to the changing nature of their ever evolving customer base. We provide content aggregation and publishing which can generate leads and manage customer issues which can effect brand reputation.

We also integrate traditional marketing technics into the digital space as we have found with the rush towards the internet has a lot of traditional marketing channels are far less saturated than they were before. As a result we have been able to make large customer acquisitions in traditional marketing environments as well as online engagements. If you need to better engage new customers then call us on 01526378025.


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